PC/PLC Control

KVK's Conveyor Control System (CCS ©) is a Windows-based software interface running on a dedicated PC. This software communicates with plant-floor automation components such as PLCs, barcode scanners, in-motion scales and other peripheral devices. The data collected at the plant level is graphically represented for viewing by plant personnel on-site or at remote locations. Production data is interfaced to "host" WMS computers as needed.

Click here to view a series of screen shots that show the user interface of a typical conveyor control system.

For a more complete review of CCS you may also view an interactive on-line demo of the CCS user interface. We do not keep this demo running all of the time - please click on this link to send an e-mail to one of our computer programmers who will start it up. You will receive a response back giving you the URL to use to view the demo.

Note: to access the demo, you will need to log-in as though you were an actual system user. To do so, enter a UserName of guest and a Password of guest when prompted. When you are finished, simply close your browser.